When customers want to find a business, whether it's a local restaurant or a global retailer, the Web is the first place they look.
Domain names not only make it easy for customers to find your business on the Web, they also give you a place where you can create your own unique online presence, from a full-blown Web store to a simple online business card with your contact information, hours and location.
How you choose your domain name depends on where you are with your business.

A domain name also gives you a secret weapon in marketing your business: a domain-based email address, like you@yourcompany.com.

Domain Names Registration Prices

  • .com, .net, .org, .eu, .info, .biz
  • 15€ / year
  • 5 Subdomains
  • DNS Management
  • Masked URL Forwarding
  • Domain Contact Management
  • Unlimited E-mail Forwarding
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